Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DDSB #8 at Kindle Store

Daily Divine Service Book
for Kindle
with active Table of Contents currently sits at #8 in the Kindle Store among Christian Prayerbooks. Surely we can beat out #3, Praying the Rosary, with the Mysteries, right? Father Petersen had these kind words for DDSB for Kindle when recommending it to a friend:

It is very handy to have this on a phone, etc. Because DDSB doesn't
just have the references for the Bible readings. It has the full text.
That means I can be stuck in the bleachers at a wrestling match, pull
my phone out with Kindle app and quickly find and read the lessons for
the coming Sunday, etc. It enables me to think on the text. That is a
very good thing. This is well worth $5.

Don't forget: if you bought a copy without the active TOC, just email me and I'll send you a free update: pastorcurtis at gmail dot com.



  1. Logos comes with the LSB Historic Lectionary. That is quite nice when I am sitting at my desk with Logos open. But the lectionary for Logos for my IPad and Android phone doesn't include the Lectionary - and Logos for both my IPad and Android is slow. The Kindle DDSB is lightening quick. But the greatest advantage, for me, is that named above. I can't access the Historic Lectionary on Logos on my phone. But I can open up the DDSB on any Kindle device, my PC, my IPad, and my phone. I'd love to see the DDSB on Logos, but even if that happens, I'll keep using the Kindle edition.

  2. Does that Logos program include the Introit, Gradual, and Verse or just the readings? And, of course, it doesn't include the all the saints and weekdays of Lent that DDSB has. So maybe they would be interested in picking it up. I'll have to look into it.



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