Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gottesdienst Library: Krauth's The Conservative Reformation

The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology is readily available in used copies at prices cheaper than I can match, so no paperback copy of this one. But it has yet to appear for for Kindle - so here we go.

UPDATE: While Krauth is not available at the Kindle store, a reader found it here in another Kindle format for free.

UPDATE II: If you try the free version you'll find some formatting problems. This is why I don't try to convert pdfs to mobi format. I think it is still readable, but the errors are unpredictable. Try it out, but if you grow frustrated, you can pick up the pdf version below.

Kindle Instructions
Krauth's classic is a BIG book - both in page count and in physical size so there are some special instructions with this one. As always with pdf files, after you purchase the file you just send it as an attachment to your Kindle email address ( and the file will automatically download to your device. However, in order to meet the download limit of Amazon (and the attachment limit of most email services) Krauth's work comes in FOUR files. To enlarge the font to the correct size for reading just click the Kindle's Aa button and rotate your view 90 degrees.

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