Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obare Email Hacked


A blog entry from August 12th contains an email claiming to be from Rev. Isaiah Obare who is studying at the Fort Wayne seminary. Rev. Obare is the son of Bishop Walter Obare of Kenya, known to many of our Gottesdienst readers as a strong suppoerter of Confessional Lutheranism and a former recipient of our Sabre of Boldness award.

Today I was advised by a reputable source who is well acquainted with Rev. Obare, advising me that this email is a FAKE, that it is the result of someone having hacked into his email account, and that he is NOT asking for financial assistance. The hacking appears to be the result of a political ploy on the part of someone trying to make it appear as though the Obares are seeking sympathy money from Americans.

What is clear is that although Rev. Obare did have a fall, he does not need surgery, and that he certainly did not request any financial assistance.

PLEASE DISREGARD THE FORMER PLEA. Our apologies for the confusion.

+ B F Eckardt, Editor