Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dumbed-Down Theological Training

By Larry Beane

Here is an example of what I believe is in store for any church body that pursues a dumbed-down theological track for pastors - especially one that limits personal exposure of candidates to faculty and seminary colleagues, and/or rushes candidates through a truncated academic program based on a delusional and hysterical argument of a "clergy shortage."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lutheran Church Workers

by Burnell Eckardt

Every time I go to a district conference I have a mischievous desire to pass out hard hats. They like to call us Church Workers.

Good grief. Once upon a time we were priests. No longer. So why not let the hard hat be our sign of the office, rather than the clerical collar, then?

I digress. Sorry.

I thought about that bit of nonsense, because this site is 'under construction', as they say. We're finally getting around to making Gottesdienst Online a better place, as we originally thought needed doing. Back then, we just wanted to get it up and running. Well, now that it's running, we need to make it run better. Which is on this week's agenda.

Stay tuned. And by all means, subscribe to the feed. And, for that matter, to Gottesdienst: the journal