Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gottesdienst Library: Gerhard's Sacred Meditations for Kindle and Paperback

Latest addition to the Gottesdienst Library: Gerhard's Sacred Meditations

Johann Gerhard's Sacred Meditations needs no introduction. It is truly Lutheranism's greatest contribution to Christian devotional literature still today more than 400 years after publication. Can you believe it wasn't on Kindle? I'm happy to announce it's publication in two formats to make this work more easily available - a paperback edition that is cheaper than anything else on the market and a Kindle optimized pdf.

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition Instructions $1.99 (click here)
The Kindle edition is a pdf facsimile of the 1896 Lutheran Publication Society edition which I have optimized for viewing on the Kindle. After you purchase the file you just send it as an attachment to your Kindle email address (@free.kindle.com) and the file will automatically download to your device. The typeface is clean and measures at about 10.5 point with an vertical orientation (that's how I read it); for a larger type, simply push the Aa button and rotate orientation to horizontal. $1.99 (click here)

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