Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gottesdienst Library: An Explanation of the Common Service for Kindle

An Explanation of the Common Service

Our friends at Emmanuel Press have already reprinted this invaluable resource in paperback and I encourage you to pick up a copy at their online store here. Emmanuel's summary reads:
This is the perfect book to explain the liturgy to new members, youth, and even long-time members and pastors. First printed over a century ago, this Lutheran liturgical handbook uses questions and answers to explain the meaning of the Communion, Matins, and Vespers. (Liturgical texts are equivalent to those of The Lutheran Hymnal 1941.) In addition, hymnody, liturgical theology, and history are addressed succinctly.
You should really buy copies of Emmanuel's edition for all your elders, worship committee, etc. and study it with them. And see the many other wonderful reprints and original works that Emmanuel has to offer.

For those who wish to read An Explanation of the Common Service on Kindle, I've made it available in a Kindle optimized pdf.

Kindle Instructions
Download the file, email it as an attachment to your address and it will automatically download to your device. As with all the pdf files, you may wish to view it with a horizontal screen orientation. Kindle edition $1.99

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