Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Dassn't Do That

From the current issue -- Calling all readers:  Become our eyes and ears!  Send us something goofy, outrageous, or just out-of-place that you’ve recently seen in church.  Give us the details of where and when you saw it, but we promise we won’t put anything in the journal except the Synod and District in which the offense was spotted, and we won’t even list your name.  Maybe, if people get the idea that we have eyes everywhere, they’ll start thinking they ought to behave themselves.  Wouldn’t that be grand!  To send a folly online, go to, click Contact Us, and select You Dassn’t Do That from the dropdown list.  Or you could drop us a line via email

I expect Holy Week might be a reservoir for shenanigans across the land, so be on the lookout . . .


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Dear CTS Student,

      Offensive jokes about masturbation and anonymous attacks are "childish and contrary to God's Word" and quite unbecoming of the office. I encourage you to repent.

      Whatever you may think of Fr. Eckardt's theology or decorum, he signs his posts.

      If you would like to repost your critique without the sexual reference, it will stand and I'm sure Dr. Eckardt will reply.

      Please consider this fatherly admonition and do some growing up between now and your ordination.


    2. Additionally, when/if you receive a call into the Office of the Holy Ministry, it isn't because you acted like or unlike Fr. Eckardt, but because The Lord calls you through His Church into Word and Sacrament Ministry. If your call were first and foremost dependent upon your behavior, your comments above would surely disqualify you (as Fr. Curtis mentioned in his admonition toward repentance.) Thanks be to God that there is forgiveness for the things that we (myself included; chief of sinners and what not) thoughtlessly type.

      As an aside, it appears to me this whole Dassn't thing appears to be at least in part tongue and cheek (one of those if we don't laugh we might cry kinds of things), but I wouldn't read into it any further than that. "To send a folly online, etc. etc."

  2. Its in poor, poor taste. It does nothing but add to the idea that liturgical pastors are not interested in anything but policing other, less "orthodox" pastors and congregations, and it sets up a kind of Hitler-junge squad of liturgical informants. I will not be renewing my subscription.

  3. When the ACELC pointed out goofy things in the LCMS, many Gottesdienst readers called them schismatic. Make up your minds.


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