Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not a bad idea.

The Coptic Church has had an interesting history - and no less interesting in recent decades. In reading of Pope Shenouda III's recent death (our condolences to all the bereaved) I found out yet another interesting fact about the Copts: "His successor's name will be chosen by a blindfolded child from among three finalists chosen by community leaders -- a process that could take months." 

Not a bad idea at all. 



  1. Maybe that's how parishes should call pastors too.

  2. I'm all for names out of a hat. The political "fit and finish" model is tired and faulty.

  3. Our congregation's constitution allows for a process like this in the calling of a pastor. We also use it in the annual selection (not election) of men to our board of Deacons (not elders). This constitution was the brainchild of Pr. Briel and his vicar Rick Stuckwisch (quite the vicarage project). He is fondly remembered by members of the congregation and "his" constitution has not only benefitted us but has served as a model for other interested congregations as well.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Pr. Johnson. My time at St. John, Maple Grove, was truly a blessed experience. Pr. Briel was such an excellent vicarage supervisor, for which I remain most grateful. And I dearly remember the people of the congregation with great affection. Please give them my kindest regards.

    Working on the Constitution during my vicarage at St. John was a marvelous learning experience. I am pleased that it has served the congregation well, and that others have also been able to benefit from those efforts. Christ be praised.


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