Monday, March 5, 2012

A Letter from Rev. Gizynski, a 2012 Sabre Nominee

Rev. Richard G. Gizynski
Ebenezer Ev. Lutheran Church
Chicago, Illinois 60623-1347

February 29, 2012


c/o St. Paul's Lutheran Church 109 South Elm Street Kewanee, Illinois 71443

Dear Rev. Eckardt,

I was gladdened to receive you latest correspondence. Not because of the gift, although I am grateful for that, but because I had misplaced the address so that I could make this reply.

I was honored to have been nominated for the Sabre of Boldness award. Even more so, I was humbled. I do not consider my service to the saints of Ebenezer an act of boldness nor of courage. Rather, I see it as my duty to Christ who brought me here to tend this flock.

We often speak of the doctrine of the Call these days. It can be argued that it is under attack from many fronts. But it is my belief in this doctrine that has led me to endure, for the most part joyfully and even happily, here at Ebenezer despite the challenges that are faced by the congregation collectively and by myself individually.

The tale of my journey to Ebenezer is a long and convoluted one, but I am utterly convinced that God brought me here. The tale of my tenure at this parish is equally complex and curious. God has sustained this congregation in ways inexplicable and unpredictable. The faithful of Ebenezer will continue to gather around his Word and sacraments, and I will continue to serve them until God reveals his will otherwise.

The love shown to me by those who have heard some of the tale is truly and deeply appreciated. Your gifts have helped sustain me bodily and have lifted me up in my spirit. I see this providence as further proof of God's will for my being here and for the ministry of this church. I am indeed blessed.

It is my prayer that all who labor in the Lord fully realize and appreciate his providential nature. May all know his blessings even as he uses them to be a blessing to others.

Peace and Joy in Christ,

Rev. Richard G. Gizynski

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