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Gottesdienst KC Area Conference: March 18

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Gottesdienst is happy to announce another of our regional conferences. Christ Lutheran Church in Platte Woods, MO (20 minutes north of downtown Kansas City) is hosting Gottesdienst KC: Celebrating the Easter Vigil in Parishes Large and Small.

The Easter Vigil is the center of the liturgical year, a most beautiful and elaborate celebration of the mysteries of the Faith. Up from relative oblivion in decades past, the Easter Vigil continues to gain greater currency in North American Lutheranism. Yet many pastors, especially of smaller parishes, have been reluctant to begin such an elaborate service because of questions such as: Can I conduct it all by myself? What if I can't sing everything? Fire and incense and candles, Oh My! All such topics will be addressed, all the ceremonies explained, and concrete ideas for celebrating the Vigil in both small and large parishes will be explored. Participants are encouraged to bring their LSB Altar Books and their copies of Daily Divine Service Book, which contains a fuller explanation of all the ceremonies than is contained in LSB. All participants will receive DDSB: Easter Vigil as part of their registration fee (see below).

With Gottesdienst you always get at least double the bang for your buck - so besides this very practical look at the Easter Vigil in the afternoon session, Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt will deliver a theological paper on some controversial topic or another after Divine Service. We are also hoping that Fr. Shaw's schedule will allow him to come over from Leavenworth to serve as preacher.

Gottesdienst KC: Celebrating the Easter Vigil in Parishes Large and Small

(8:30 am Individual Confession & Absolution available)
9:00 am Divine Service (Ember Friday in Lent)
10:30 am Theological Paper (Dr. Eckardt)
11:45 am Office of None
12:00 Lunch
1:00 pm The Easter Vigil and Its Ceremonies (Fr. Curtis)
3:00pm Vespers
3:30 pm Gem├╝tlichkeit

Registration: $12

Pre-Registration is Appreciated. Please send the form below to
Christ Lutheran Church
ATTN: Pastor Froiland
6700 N.W. 72nd Street
Platte Woods, Missouri 64151-1600

Gottesdienst KC: Celebrating the Easter Vigil in Parishes Large and Small

March 18, 2011

Title:________ Parish:_______________________________
City:________________ State:______
Email: _____________________________

Registration: $12 (Payable to Christ Lutheran Church, "Gottesdienst" in the memo line)
Includes Lunch and a printed copy of DDSB: Easter Vigil

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  1. Thanks for this announcement. I will pass it along to proper authorities. I hope you will continue to do these conferences on specific liturgical topics.


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