Friday, February 11, 2011

Also in print!

We had a great time at CSL last night talking about the liturgy and ceremonies of the Lutheran Church. Not only students, but also a couple of area pastors and a faculty member attended and we had great back and forth on a number of topics. I hope that Opus Dei can make such conversations a monthly affair on campus. One of the things pastors need most is the mutual consolation of brethren who are serious about being evangelical, catholic, and Lutheran - and seminarians need to start identifying those folks sooner rather than later.

And here's one of the Editor-in-Chief's attention. At such talks I always take along a few books to sell (Especially Conduct of the Service from Redeemer Press and now Daily Divine Service Book) as well as my resource CD and free copies of Gottesdienst. One of the students perusing the table said, "Oh, Gottesdienst is a magazine, too? I thought it was just a blog."

It's a blog, a journal, the best conference in the Missouri Synod, and a way of life, my friends. Subscribe today. In the print journal you get the Top Shelf Content: regular commentary from Dr. Eckardt, Ch. Shaw, Frs. Berg & Berg, and Fr. Petersen as well as sermons selected by Fr. Beane and the occasional guest column as well. Order soon - the Easter issue is going to press shortly. I think that will have a sermon by me and e.e. cummings (old friends), something from Petersen in his signature style that I can't tell you about because he always makes deadline by the skin of teeth, and the return of a column specifically on the rubrics. If you missed the last issue, you missed a wonderful Motely Magpie column - see if the editor will let you start your subscription with that issue.


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