Saturday, February 12, 2011

Liturgical Parish Life Resource CD

Back in 2006 I began holding the Liturgical Parish Life Conference for seminarians. I give my defense of traditional Lutheran worship and piety, we talk about the rubrics of the Divine Service, what happens in your first year or two of ministry, etc. I also put together a CD full of every document that I found helpful in my first few years of ministry for these guys so that they would not have to be constantly reinventing the wheel.

This grew out of how I survived my first few years. I would encounter a new problem - what to do for premarital counseling? how to talk to the elders about weekly communion? etc. - email all the pastors I knew whom I thought might be able to help, then edit what they sent me for my situation. Why should these seminarians, I thought, have to repeat that process? So I dumped everything on a CD and gave a copy to everyone who registered for the Conference. I've been adding and substituting stuff as I find it useful every since.

As time went on and seminarians graduated, word got out about the CD and other parish pastors have asked for it. At long last, I'm getting around to offering it in an orderly way. There is a PayPal Buy Now button at the right. The cost for the CD shipped to you is $5 - enough to cover my production, packaging, shipping, and PayPal fees. Now available as a free download

These two screen shots show you all the folders and sub-folders that are included, which will give you an idea of the files that are in them. Everything is in either .doc or .pdf format and in the public domain. I hope it can be useful to you.



  1. Heath,

    How different is your new disc from the one I received when I was going through the Sem? If you have a bunch of new stuff, I'll mail you the money.

    Also, I'm willing to speak as a guest speaker if it fits what you are doing. But that'll probably be next Feb at the earliest, right? To get an idea of my most recent stuff, it's on my church's website: .


  2. Have you thought about just making it available for the public to access online somewhere? You could zip it up, get a free Dropbox account, and throw it in the Public folder for anyone who is interested.

  3. What Schuermann said.

  4. Old post, but I third what Schuermann said.

  5. Interesting stuff. I ordered the CD some time ago and gave copies of the sample elder call script to my pastor and fellow elders.


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