Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Liturgy Workshop at CSL Feb 3

A student group from Concordia Seminary - St. Louis (Opus Dei) has invited me to campus on February 3 from 6:00pm-9:00pm for an evening of instruction and conversation regarding the liturgy and ceremony of the traditional Lutheran Divine Service. Beer and snacks will be served after the presentation. If you know of seminarians, vicars, or pastors in the St. Louis area please pass on this information. Full information is below.


Liturgical Parish Life


Practical Workshop for Seminarians

Sponsored by

Opus Dei Student Organization

Thursday, February 3rd

Workshop: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Beer, Snacks, Conversation: 9:00pm-??

Loeber 2

Opus Dei has invited Rev. H. R. Curtis for an evening of practical instruction and conversation about living out the Lutheran liturgical heritage in a real flesh and blood congregation. Pastor Curtis is Online Editor for Gottesdienst: A Journal of the Evangelical Lutheran Liturgy and the editor of Daily Divine Service Book: A Lutheran Daily Missal, the only daily missal in English available in the Lutheran tradition.

Main Presentation:

The How and Why of the Traditional Ceremonies of the Lutheran Divine Service

Topics Covered:

Why ceremony? * What ceremonies are indicated by Ap. XXIV.1? * Why and when do we bow, genuflect, sit, stand, and make the sign of the cross? * Conducting the traditional ceremonies with LSB, TLH, or LW * The Common Service vs. the post-Vatican II services , etc.

Participation is free and is open to the entire campus community.

Pre-Registration is appreciated so that enough copies can be made: pastorcurtis at gmail dot com

Participants are encouraged to bring their copies of Daily Divine Service Book which can be purchased at www.lulu.com – email pastorcurtis at gmail dot com for coupons and more details.

Also available at the workshop for $5:

Liturgical Parish Life Resource CD

A CD-ROM with scores (170+ MB) of practical pastoral resources for the first years of ministry including: Bible studies, marriage counseling program, complete liturgies, extensive bibliographies, important articles in contemporary theology, evangelism resources, etc.


  1. Glad to see Opus Dei is still going. I helped run it beginning way back in '95-96.

  2. There was a hiatus the past couple of years - but I hope we can make this a yearly think to help keep it up.


  3. I am also rather surprised to see that it still continues, although glad to see such is the case. We brought in some good speakers during my time of involvement with Opus Dei, including the infamous Walter Otten session.


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