Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The 'Contemporary' Choir: The Future is Now" or "For the Love of All That is Sacred, Make It Stop!"

This is why Gottesdienst is needed now more than ever...


  1. I challenge anyone to endure more than a minute of this

  2. Why? WHY?!!!

    Where do you find this stuff?

  3. Hollywood, I'm sick of your lies. That did not happen. It's all CG. Right??


  4. Let's do some math here.

    Let's say I liked rap (Yes, I realize that Outkast isn't technically rap - but let's not get picky). This would either offend me (I mean, EMINEM may be a white but he ain't THAT white), or have me in stitches, neither of which is a very pious reaction.

    Now let's say I hate rap. This would be enough to make be leave the building and never come back.

    Seriously, How did they talk them into this? I mean, you can tell they really enjoyed it. It was written all over their faces.

  5. Its nice to see so much enthusiasm from a choir!

  6. Ahh, for the good ole' days, when the Roman Antichrist would place the whole Republic of Venice under interdict for such shinannigans.

  7. Well.. that was certainly... um, white and nerdy?

  8. Because the young people like it, of course.

  9. Yes, I object to contemporary worship. I like my liturgy classic:

    "Fellas what's cooler than being cool?"

    " ...... cold!

    "Alright fellas break it down"


    "Stop! ... Hammertime!"

  10. "It's getting hot in here ... so take your robes off." -- the young at heart, and soft in brain

    You can't say you weren't warned, folks. I'm pretty sure you saw the sign upon entry, viz. "Abandon All Hope, Ye that Enter Here.".


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