Thursday, January 6, 2011

Help the Faithful Finns

As I wrote some time ago (here, here, and here), Father Norro of Finland - as well as a lay member of his parish - have incurred large legal fees in their civil trials brought against them by the Finnish State Church. For several weeks now I have been seeking a way to help allay their expenses, which seems the least that we, who enjoy greater freedom, can do. It seems that getting donations for such things to Finland can run into a maze of regulations. Previously I posted a way to do so through a bank wire transfer - but that is cumbersome to say the least.

Now, however, with the help of Fr. Tapani Simojoki, you can help these defenders of the Biblical faith. Father Simojoki is of Finnish extraction, but currently serves as pastor of Our Saviour in Fareham, UK. Father Simojoki will serve as custodian of funds which will be collected through is PayPal account, linked below. I know several of our readers know Fr. Simojoki either personally or through Facebook, Wittenberg Trail, etc. He is worthy of your trust in this regard.

Here's the PayPal to help out.



  1. In addition to financial contributions, don't forget to offer imprecatory prayers to God during divine services for His protection of confessional pastors and other Lutherans against these tyrannical antichrists in the ELCF and elsewhere.

  2. See Daily Divine Service Book p. 682, Divine Service Against the Heathen.

  3. I would like to express my gratitude for the contributions made so far. I will be making a transfer of funds at the end of this week to Finland.

    In the meantime, if you haven't contributed but would like to — or if you would like to spread the word — all support will be of great value.


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