Thursday, January 20, 2011

Like Piepkorn?

I have persuaded Dr. Phil Secker of the Author Carl Piepkorn Center for Evangelical Catholicity to allow Gottesdienst to help him prepare the next volume of Piepkorn's collected works. Many of the works to be included were published in small journals or CSL student newspapers - yet they are gems that deserve a larger readership.

Many hands make like work - these essays need to be typed up into .doc format and this requires skills beyond the sort of work that can be hired out to a run of the mill typist or OCR program as much of the information in the footnotes is in German, Latin, and Greek. I'm hoping that many of our readers can volunteer to type up just one or two of these essays. If you need a primer on typing in Greek, I can help you out with that - it is very easy with a font that I can send you.

If you are interested in being a part of this important scholarship for 21st century Lutheranism, please send me an email with Piepkorn in the subject to pastorcurtis AT gmail DOT com.


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