Monday, August 12, 2013

Order Historic Lectionary Bulletin Covers Now!

CPH hath heard our plaintive cry and the new Historic Lectionary bulletin covers are ready to order! They include truly ecclesiastical artwork keyed to the Gospel Lesson for each Sunday and Feast. The new covers will start shipping with Ad Te Levavi in December. You can see all the information as well as sample covers here. I called and the switch over was easy as pie - just dial 800-325-3040 and you'll be done in a snap.

This is a great way to support the Historic Lectionary in our Synod: the more who sign up for the service, the better. And as I've mentioned before: you can't do full color artwork cheaper than this; I've tried and local print shops just can't compete with CPH's prices.



  1. I would love to get these, but it appears they only offer it in 8.5 x 11 paper. We use 8.5 x 14.

  2. Yep, that might end up being my problem too. I really wish they could just offer both sizes.

  3. So start using 8.5x11. Your bulletin needs to be smaller anyway :)


  4. We'd like to offer both, that may be possible once we have enough customers buying them. Based on our survey data 8.5 x 11 was the preferred choice/request and that's the one we went with.

    I know change is a difficult thing, but .... might be something to consider.

  5. Can you direct me to an article or comment on the advantages of the Historic 1 year lectionary over the LSB lectionary?

    1. Father P. Berg did this for us in the print magazine a while back. You can see some of my comments here:

      I can sum up my reasons for preferring the Historic Lectionary to modern lectionaries in a few points.

      * The Historic Lectionary is more memorable and manageable for the laity. A three year cycle of readings is far less so.

      * The modern 3-year cycle teaches a modern view of the Gospels: that they are radically separate from each other. No Matthew in Mark's year!

      * To prepare for my sermons on the Historic lectionary I can read Augustine, Chrysostom, Luther, Giertz, etc. No so for the 3 year.

      * Pre-Lent - a great series of readings on Word Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone right before Lent. No wonder the pope got rid of them in the 1960's!

      * Finally, I view the Historic Lectionary as the standard because the Apology specifically says we retain it. So the burden of proof on why we should abandon it rests with the 3 year series. I don't find the arguments in favor of changing over very persuasive.

      We do have one editor at Gottesdienst who favors the 3 year cycle - Dr. Stuckwisch. And he has laid out his case on this blog, so you can read that as well.


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  7. While you're busily preparing more resources for your one-year lectionary parish, what you'd really do well to consider is the one-year propers with music, now available as a Gottesdienst book at It's called The Lutheran Propers. For more information click here.

  8. Fritz, stop stepping on what is clearly a CPH promotional thread. Go start your own blog site.

    Oh, wait.

    Never mind.


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