Sunday, August 11, 2013

Look At Those Smiles

Look at the smiles on those faces. This is a picture from the Weekend of Theological Reflection hosted by Hope Lutheran Church, Bellaire, Michigan. Rev. H. R. Curtis presented on "Election and Evangelism: Set Free By Grace."

If you are interested in hosting a weekend like this at your church, the Editors (online and print) are ready to present on a wide range of topics. For possible topics, download a copy of the Gottesdienst Speakers Bureau. Or e-mail me ( for other topics not listed and who is prepared to present.


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Those folks were over the top kind to my wife and me and they are blessed to live in a gorgeous area of the country. How encouraging to present to a group of lay people who are excited about being Lutheran.

    More pastors should do this kind of thing for their parishes - and Fr. Seaver has it down to an art.

    But I'm said Fr. Seaver didn't send you the youtube video of him playing the accordion at the banquet Friday evening...


  2. No, he certainly didn't. And I'm still waiting for it.


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