Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Attend Divine Service?

Every pastor has heard people say: "You don't have to go to church to be a Christian" and "I just don't get anything out of it."  While it is true that the Divine Service is primarily about "what we get out of it," i.e. the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation from our blessed Lord Himself, there is also another facet to the Christian's attendance at public worship.

The Rev. Mark Surburg muses on some passages of Scripture and the Didascalia in this thoughtful piece on Supporting the Body of Christ through attendance at the Divine Service.

Fr. Surburg's blog is theological and pastoral reflection at its very finest!


  1. Is that supposed to read "You don't have to go to Church to be a Christian"?

  2. I transcribed this from an Issues, Etc. episode featuring Pr. Weedon a few years ago (way earlier than 2010; that's just when I posted it):


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