Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The lingo keeps passing me by

I can't keep up. I just got an email from Concordia Seminary-St. Louis inviting me to a workshop on "Sharing Christ with Your Muslim Neighbor." This was the introduction to that invitation:

There are over 2,100 mosques in the United States. You will meet Muslims during your ministry. Be ready to share the Gospel in a culturally winning way. 

Be sure to add "culturally winning way" to your lexicon of Synodospeak. Double plus good!



  1. Do you think somebody goofed up at the keyboard and the word they meant was "culturally winsome"?

    In other words, you don't throw pork chops on the grill and then yell over the fence to your Muslim neighbors, "Hey, come on over for some great pork and a few beers!"

    1. You mean, like we do now for all our Jewish neighbors and vegan buddies.

  2. Wasn't "winning" Charlie Sheen's catchphrase a year or two ago?
    The LCMS is always lagging behind.

  3. Here in New Orleans, we have a lot of Vietnamese. We would say "culturally Nguyening."


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