Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wasn't this covered in I John 2:23?

One of the things that continually shocks me about the contemporary Roman Church is the complete loss of bearings regarding the Jews. Take the Bible passage quoted above and toss in a little Talmud, say Sanhedrin 43a. and 107, and the conclusion are not hard to come by, among them: the sons of Abraham according to the flesh who reject our Lord Jesus Christ are not our brothers, do not know our Father, and need praying for not with. Spirit of Vatican II, indeed

Oremus et pro perfidis Iudaeis: ut Deus et 
Dominus noster auferat velamen de 
cordibus eorum; ut et ipsi agnoscant 
Iesum Christum Dominum nostrum.
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui etiam 
iudaicam perfidiam a tua misericordia non 
repellis: exaudi preces nostras, quas pro 
illius populi obcaecatione deferimus; ut, 
agnita veritatis tuae luce, quae Christus 
est, a suis tenebris eruantur. Per eumdem 
R/. Amen.


HT: Fr. Ramirez 

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