Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saber Winner to Present at Conference in August

An announcement from the Lutheran Catechetical Society which we at Gottesdienst are happy to spread abroad. +HRC

The Lutheran Catechetical Society is hosting the Magdeburg Conference on
Friday August 26th and Saturday August 27th at Christ Lutheran Church in Normal, IL.
We will be studying the first 3 Articles of the Augsburg Confession: 1. Of God, 2. Of
Original Sin, Of the Son of God. The Rev. Brian Saunders, District President of the
Iowa East District, will be our presenter.

The cost of the conference is $35 for individuals and $55 for couples. This
includes all sessions, a reception on Friday evening with address, a copy of the
Augsburg Confession, and perhaps most importantly-German style lunch on Saturday.
More details concerning accomodations and reception location will be forthcoming.

Who is this conference for? This conference is especially designed for clergy and
laity to study the Lutheran Confessions together. We hope that it will inspire a love
of the Lutheran Confessions and also give an example for pastors of how to teach our
beloved heritage in our congregations. Pastors, please encourage you members to come
with you to study the Augsburg Confession, especially men serving as elders.

Registration: You may register online at the Lutheran Catechetical Society’s Website.


Listen Online: You can also listen to an Issues, Etc interview with Pr. Chris Hull of
Christ Lutheran Church about the the importance of the Lutheran Confessions, not just
for the clergy, but for all Lutherans.


For additional information or questions:

Vendors/General questions- Contact Pr. Bryan Hopfensperger at


Questions concerning location- Contact Pr. Chris Hull at luther1546@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at the Magdeburg Conference!


  1. This will be a great opportunity for confessional and liturgical Lutherans to gather and encourage one another to hold fast to the Lutheran doctrine and practice that has been handed down to us in order that we may continue to pass it on to the next generation.

  2. This is Pastor Chris Hull by the way.

  3. Funny, you don't look like something that moth and rust doth destroy.


  4. No, but he does look like something that broth and crust doth increase...

  5. By the way, sounds like an awesome conference. I'll make sure to be there.


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