Sunday, May 22, 2011

On the reading of many commentaries

"I guess academics need each other to translate the Gospel into Mumbo Jumbo, their heart language." - Mrs. HRC



  1. HRC, she's a gem and a half. Guard her well!

  2. "With this kind of language the poor gentleman lost his wits, and distracted himself to comprehend and unravel their meaning, which was more than Aristotle himself could do, were he to rise again from the dead for that purpose alone....In short, he so bewildered himself in this kind of study, that he passed the nights in reading from sunset to sunrise, and the days from sunrise to sunset: and thus, through little sleep and much reading, his brain was dried up in such a manner, that he came to lose his wits."

    Miguel de Cervantes, on the life of a seminarian.


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