Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indiana District North Region Pastors' Conference

Many thanks to the brothers in the north region of the Indiana District for their kind attention over the past couple days for my presentation on Election & Evangelism. Special thanks are due to Fr. Fickel and the rest of the conference committee that invited me. I'm hoping to have the papers posted on this site shortly with the audio presentations following as soon as I have the files.


  1. Thank you! It will be very helpful as I've been asked to conduct my first evangelism "program." You made your case well. Thanks!

  2. Fr. Curtis, Thank you very much for a fine presentation. I am only slightly saddened as several if not many heard law and not the freeing Gospel. Sadly many are held so firmly in the grip of the father of lies on many issues as also the lies of the evangelicals.

    Thanks again.


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