Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The problem

Ugh. Once again the Call Service at CSL is full of childish, irreverent behavior from the candidates and childish, irreverent comments from the presenter of the calls.

Gentlemen: it's a church service. Repent. But, of course, that's their point as our own Fr. Petersen has already pointed out: it's not the Gospel unless you can say "Hey, Jesus, pull my finger."



  1. There is too much hugging going on.

  2. I wish I knew the sports analogies. It would make the service so much more relevant.

  3. Well, at least they are "comfortable".

  4. I think a bigger problem than any perceived irreverent behavior at the call service is the fact that one of the pastors received a call to a congregation that had this on their FAQ:

    "What type of music do we sing?
    We generally worship with up-beat, contemporary reflective, praise and rock your socks Christian music. We have three music groups who rotate and play live music. An uplifting musical experience."

  5. Better get some LCMS polo shirts !


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