Thursday, December 16, 2010

DDSB Saint of the Day for Dec 17

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Saint Olympias, widow and subsequently deaconess, is commemorated today in Loehe's calendar and hence in Daily Divine Service Book. She is one of the few late antique women of whom we know quite a bit - this is due to some seventeen extant letters addressed to her from St. John Chrysostom. Her feast is a minor one, receiving the propers common for a Holy Woman not a Martyr. Her day also coincides with the beginning of the use of the O-Antiphons in Vespers (see your copy of the Brotherhood Prayer Book).

In the LSB calendar, St. Daniel the Prophet, and the Three Young Men are commemorated. Having no traditional mass propers, they are assigned the Common for Saints - but the Common for Confessors would most certainly also be appropriate, as would the singing of the Benedicite Omnia Opera which is included in DDSB in the Easter Vigil liturgy.


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