Monday, December 20, 2010

Cantemus 'Te Deum'!

I am honored and blessed to be in the same communion as these dear Christians.

Our Siberian brethren are worthy not only of your prayers, but also of your and your congregation's financial gifts this Christmastide. Here is their website. Here is where to send a check.

SAN JOSE, CA 95126



  1. Couldn't agree more. I've been smiling all day.

  2. We are able to receive gifts online now also! There is a GIVE button on the website.

    Thanks for all your help! All your dollars go to our Siberian brethren to support their pastors and congregations.

    + Rob

  3. If you haven't already done so, you *must* see this video (it is presented on YouTube in three parts). Their story is utterly compelling and inspiring.

  4. Now, do you know what is our status with the independent lutheran church in Norway (DLKiN)? It looks like the two congregations Messiaskirken in Oslo and Bergen are supported by LCMS congregations and claim Rev. Gilbert (NID) as bishop, and the pastors study 1 year at a Concordia seminary. I guess I was surprised that this church body existed at all.

  5. Mr. Carver,

    Yes, my father-in-law is, among other things, the bishop of Norway.

    The DLKiN is on the front lines of reintroducing apostate Scandanavia to historic, confessional Lutheranism. The Rt. Rev. Gilbert just gave Fr. Torkild a nice set of Eucharistic vestments (a green chasuble and stole set made by my mother) and Fr. Torkild reports that the congregations continue have a good attendance with the university students situated near them. They are hungry for real Christianity!



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