Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gottesdienst at the CTS Symposia

Don't ask me why the Fort Wayne seminary holds its Symposia in the middle of January: I'm a St. Louis grad and don't understand it either. Despite the horrid January weather of the Upper Midwest, it is definitely worth making the trip - they always put up great speakers, you get to see friends and colleagues from all over the continent, and, greatest of all, the Sabre of Boldness is awarded.

Gottesdienst takes seriously its unofficial role as "Backbone of the Missouri Synod" ®. Here is a full listing of Gottesdienst related events during Symposia week.

Monday, January 17th: Gottesdienst Editor Fr. David Petersen hosts a one-day free conference at his parish, Redeemer. Presenters include the Rt. Rev. Brian Saunders and Fr. Jonathan Fisk. This is always a great start to Symposia week - especially for those who can't do the second half of the week but can make it there for Monday.

Wednesday, January 19th: Two Gottesdienst editors will present papers during the morning sectionals. The Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt's paper sounds like a very interesting look at the Lord's Prayer (see the comments). I'm scheduled to present, "Right Hand or Left: In What Kingdom Does Matrimony Properly Reside?"

Thursday, January 20th: The Sabre of Boldness Ceremony, at the La Quinta directly following the Symposia Banquet.

Throughout Symposia week, stop by the Gottesdienst table for free copies of the print journal to hand out to your friends as well as to pick up copies of The New Testament in His Blood by Dr. Eckardt.

Daily Divine Service Book is now carried by the Seminary book store and can be purchased there during Symposia week.

Both books, however, are marked down 25% if you order online through January 5th with the coupon code WINTER.


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  1. My paper will cover the matter of whether or not the Lord's Prayer is consecratory, with a look at its placement in St. Luke's Gospel near the parable of the friend at midnight.


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