Monday, October 25, 2010

Coming soon to a democracy near you

UPDATE: Can anyone out there find a way to contact Fr. Norro so that Gottesdienst might take up a collection to pay his 320 Euro fine and find out if there are any other legal expenses which need to be defrayed?

Our brave and godly brothers in Finland continue to suffer from State persecution. How much longer until Lutherans in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States face similar treatment for "human rights violation" or "hate speech"? Indeed, I believe there have already been roughly similar cases in Australia and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal - I'm sure our readers from Commonwealth countries can fill us in more on this.

From the Finnish State media:


HT: Fr. Scott Adle


  1. And maybe someone wants to nominate this guy for the Sabre of Boldness?

  2. Send me an e-mail (tapani DOT simojoki AT gmail DOT com0 and I'll put you in touch with a fund in Finland specifically designed for such support.

    I fear this is the beginning of a new, hard campaign to smoke out trouble-makers. Already half the bishops are openly in favour of 'gender-neutral' marriages, and the archbishop is making threatening noises about coercing compliance, even though the ELCF has a 2000-year-old clear teaching on this matter. In more ways than one, Europe is coming a full circle back to pagan Rome.

  3. Here in Canada there are Human Rights Tribunals on the Provincial and National levels. There have been cases where speaking against homosexuality was considered hate speech. One evangelical pastor in Alberta was found guilty for writing against homosexuality in a letter to a newspaper and was fined and banned from speaking out against homosexuality publicly ever again. The columnist Mark Steyn was charged with hate crimes because of his best-selling book America Alone (which is a very sober look at the demographic trends of western cultures against muslim demographics). Magazine publisher Ezra Levant was charged with human rights violation for publishing the infamous Danish cartoons. See the truly Orwellian interview of Levant by an agent of the Human Rights Commission. Just look up Ezra Levant on YouTube... it will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

    It is a matter of time here in Canada.


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