Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Relief for Pastor Randy Blankschaen

Lydia and the Rev. Randy Blankschaen

By Larry Beane

Some of you may know Pr. Randy and Lydia Blankschaen of Pensacola. 

Their home flooded as a result of the storm that ravaged Pensacola and it seems that their insurance won't cover the damage. They are kind and loving people who hosted Grace, Leo, and me in their home when we needed a place to stay while passing through. We had such a great time visiting with them. Randy serves Immanuel Lutheran Church, a faithful congregation that opens its doors to host confessional speakers and various continuing education events.  On one occasion, I distributed copies of our print journal, and they were received warmly.

Please consider helping out a dear brother and sister in Christ, and a faithful servant of the Word. I did get word that their cats were safe. So that is a bit of good news. Please pray for the Blankschaens! 

Lord, have mercy.

Please see this appeal for help originated and managed by the Rev. Gaven Mize.

Created by Gaven Mize on April 30, 2014

On Tuesday (April 29th) the worst flood that they had had in generations ripped through Pensacola destroying houses, flooding out cars, and has killed 36 people across seven states.  It rained 26 in' in less than 24 hrs and the rain in the houses was waist high.  In that flood a dear friend, Rev. Randy Blankschaen (Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Pensacola, FL) and his wife Lydia lost everything.  The house is ruined, the cars are ruined, the clothes are ruined, and the cats are missing.  The only thing that didn't get completely destroyed is the clothes that they are wearing. And the insurance company isn't going to cover anything.  We are starting with the goal of $10,000 though the value of what was lost is much, much greater.  Please give as you're able to give to this servant of Christ who selflessly serves his flock in Pensacola at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

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