Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Prebyterian, Romane, Catholique"....how about Lutherane?

Here is another fine example of why I have been on an Anglican kick in my theology readings. This short piece was penned by Rev. Dr. Thomas Swadlin in 1657. He puts Presbyterians to one side, Romanists to the other, and asserts that he stands in the middle as a "Catholique."

This is fascinating for a Lutheran to read. We disagree with Swadlin and agree with the Presbyterians when it comes to the question of the New Testament Office of the Ministry. For the rest, we are very much on Swadlin's side - and his rhetoric in this short work is very beautiful and very persuasive. So even on the point in which we disagree with Swadlin, we have here a fine summary of the best case against our position, and thus a fine tool against which to test our own arguments.

Enjoy Whether it is better to turn Presbyterian, Romane, or to continue what I am, Catholique, in the matter of Religion?


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  1. An improved version of Swadlin's essay could be entitled, Whether it is better to turn Methobapticostal, Romanist, swim the Bosporus, or continue what I am, Lutheran, in the matter of Religion.


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