Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Empty Barn!

The proverbial horse has bolted, and the barn is empty! That is, the current issue is at the Post Office, and coming soon to a mailbox near you.  Assuming, that is, that you are a subscriber.  (Yes, there is a print edition.  Subscribe now if you didn't know that, or if, for some other unfathomable reason, you aren't already).

In this issue: 

Chad D. Kendall Eric R. Andrae and Bo H. Giertz Andrae and Giertz Larry L. Beane II David H. Peter sen

Commentary on the War David H. Petersen
 Learning from Chrysostom   
Liturgical Observer Burnell F. EckardtJr.
Pardon the Interruption        
Casual Sundays
Who Says the Our Father?
Homer Nods
Sabre of Boldness Jonathan E. Shaw
Justifying Sanctification       
Michael Brockman Is 2014 Sabre Bearer
Taking Pains Mark P. Braden
Rogation Days, Ember Days 
The Apostolic Faith   Kathryn Ann Hill 
Musing on the Mysteries Karl F. Fabrizius
And He Died Genesis 5:5-27     

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