Thursday, March 27, 2014

Best non-Lutheran Theology to Read?

In recent years I have learned more theology from classical, conservative Anglican sources than any other. They share enough of our history and theology for me to be able to understand the language and concepts, and yet they differ from us enough to provide truly fresh insights that have helped me clarify my own thinking. I've reviewed Mascall's Corpus Christi in the past, and still can't recommend it highly enough. Today I give you an essay on Transubstantiation from the folks over at The Continuum.

The T Word.



  1. Having been married to an Anglican for 30 years ... and having been an organist in an Episcopal church in my youth (where I learned quite a bit about liturgy) ... and having studied church history with an Anglican ... I have quite fond feelings for Anglicans and look forward to further developments in this regard ...

  2. I really enjoyed "Towards a New Priesthood" by Fr. Arthur Middleton (Anglican) and found it most applicable to LCMS life.

  3. I would suggest that Archbishop Haverland's comments on Hart's article are of the essence, if one will pardon the pun.

  4. The amazing thing was I actually managed to stay out of that thread when Fr Hart and Fr Kirby were having their 'set to.' I am usually the swing vote among the contributors on that Blog!

  5. I'm sure we all have stories like this, but in Warsaw, IL I met an Episcopal priest (Fr. Larry Snider). Great guy. We had a lot in common. But I could never get him to see that preaching and administering the Sacrament were part of the same office, and could not be divided. He didn't have a problem with the local Methodist woman pastor preaching in his pulpit, but would never have allowed her to celebrate mass. But I really liked the guy. Wish I wouldn't have lost touch with him. Patrick--do you know of whom I speak?


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