Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liberation-Liberal Christianity update

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  1. I rather like this, actually. The pitting of Leviticus against the Beatitudes is a common argument that only holds water if one thinks it's honest to reduce Christianity to a caricature of fundamentalists and "out-fundamentalist" us. Obama actually goes farther than I've usually heard it, since he points out that the beatitudes don't really make for a very viable government either—no defense department at all, certainly no drone attacks.

    But haven't we actually responded to his challenge? I don't hear very many arguments from Scripture or theology on abortion anymore—except in in-house Christian discussions. Most of the facebook abortion memes are rhetorical questions in the realms of science or philosophy at the popular level (take the "one bacterium on mars is life, a fully developed baby in a womb isn't" meme as an example.)

    I think I'd be able to have a more rewarding conversation with the Obama of this video than I have had with most of his supporters.


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