Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome to the New Breed

By Larry Beane

HT: Dr. William Tighe

Welcome to the "New Breed of Catholicism."

Our Lord warned "do not give dogs what is holy" (Matt 7:6).  One can only imagine how little one must actually believe in the holiness of the sacramental elements to (literally) feed the Lord's body to a dog.

Such behavior may be couched in love of animals and inclusiveness, but what it really demonstrates is a hatred of God and an exclusiveness against His Word.  For to show such contempt toward the Sacrament is nothing other than contempt for the Word - the Word Inscribed and the Word Incarnate.

Such a desecration is completely consistent with the arrogance inherent in having lay people preach and having women step into the roles of liturgists, preachers, pastors, and deacons.  Couched in equality and social justice, it is really a sense of inequality (the belief that somehow a "hearer" is less of a child of God than a "preacher") and of injustice against women - refusing to protect them from the seductive whisper of Satan: "Did God actually say...?" (Gen 3:1).

Same sin different day.

And lest we fall into our old habits of patting ourselves on the backs for being The True Visible Church On Earth!™, let us not forget our own shameful recent history of placing lay people into such roles - especially now that the door to allowing women preachers in the LCMS is standing ajar.

Maybe we're on the cusp of a New Breed of LCMS Lutheranism?

Deacon Deborah Gnad's Commissioning on December 12

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