Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What The Hunger Games Teaches Us About Receiving Gifts

The Hunger Games Trilogy is a great read. They're fun. They're uncomplicated. They have excellent character development. But what of the themes: Christian? Anti-Christian?

One thing that struck me throughout is the recurring theme that Katniss can't receive gifts, especially gifts of sacrifice, without feeling that she owes them. She always incurs debt with every gift. Haymitch even capitalizes on this during the games to get her to do what he wants her to do. 

This is exactly how we feel when we receive a Christmas present and haven't gotten one for them. We feel we owe them. We feel like we're in their debt. And that we must repay them. 

Works righteousness is in all of us. And when we engage in it, we ourselves step into the the Hunger Games arena. We're fighting to live. We don't want to die. And so the game makes us who we are. We aren't allowed then to get out of the games on our own terms (like Peeta wanted to). We must play the game. And that game forms us. It changes us. It kills us. For there can be only one Victor of that game: He who only is righteous, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

With that, HERE is a great article that confirmed my initial suspicion and took it to far greater depth and insight.  


  1. I agree with Fr. Braaten. I devoured the books. Well written, engaging. As always - the movie doesn't come close to living up to the text. Sacrifice is a major theme, indeed. There are also interesting sub-themes concerning vocation, truth, love, mercy, even something only Lutherans would analyze - a two kingdoms commentary. It's no LOTR or even HP in terms of its thematic workings, but it is real, and in many ways allows for us to engage the culture in actuality; dealing with the unfortunate consequences of sin: brutality, death, hunger, poverty, war; but also a thirsting for truth. Good recommendation Jason.

  2. I really like what you and other Christian bloggers say about the Hunger Games, I just wish that the book was any good to begin with. I actually found book to be an analogy for abortion in America, my full post (second of two) of which you can read here:

    Keep up the good work, and God's blessing on your ministry.

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