Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gottesdienst 20/20

The devil isn’t burning churches; he’s been turning them into dance halls, or concert halls, or coffee houses, and deceiving the people into thinking it still counts as worship. But we think maybe the tide is turning, and people are beginning to realize how empty this kind of ‘church’ really is. And so the time is ripe for you to step into the void, and join Gottesdienst to help turn things around, foster evangelical preaching and worship, and seek to restore the boundary between the sacred and the profane. Reformation can mean many things; we’d like to think it means a return to right worship. And the church needs it now.

In honor of our 20th year of publication, the Editors at Gottesdienst are asking that you consider giving $20 to help us in the fight for true worship. Your support for Gottesdienst makes you our partner in this effort. Please help. The church needs you as never before. Help keep Lutherans everywhere doing the red and saying the black by helping to keep us out of the red and in the black.


  1. I tried to enter a PayPal transaction, but it didn't work. Maybe you can double-check the link Jason.

  2. Hint: If you click at the bottom of the right hand column under "Help keep us in the red" that link to PayPal will work!

    Fight for your rites!

  3. That's the link I used. So, I'm not sure what the problem is.


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