Monday, October 31, 2011

Report from the field

This comes from a newly ordained pastor somewhere in the Midwest. Many times before I've passed on the advice I got from the inestimable Fr. Ralph Tausz when it comes to introducing Lutheran ceremonies and liturgy to congregations with less than ideal histories in that regard. As with anything in the pastoral ministry: your mileage may vary. But here is one more man's experience.

"Things are going very well! Thanks for asking. I see positive strides in both the congregation as a whole, and especially in individual souls. For what it's worth, you were right about a congregation's tolerance for a pastor making immediate changes when they are accompanied by patient teaching, at least in my situation. We still have a ways to go, but I'm very optimistic."


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  1. Another invaluable piece of advice I received was this: go at such a pace that you will never have to take backward steps.

    After two years in this parish, our liturgical life has become increasingly rich. We are now getting to the point where people ask me from time to time, "Pastor, do you think we could introduce x?", or, "Why don't we have y?" And my reply is usually a restrained version of, "Heck, why not!"

    Therefore, I, too, am optimistic.


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