Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Notice from Fr. Petersen

This Spring sees exciting days for Gottesdienst (TM) and Gottesdienst
Online (TM). First off, we are pleased to announce a new book for
college-aged men women, written by Dr. Stuckwisch, available for free
on-line (but so far only for Linux Standard Base operating systems.)
Type "Lutheran Student Book" into any legal, standard browser and
follow the links. You're welcome. Gottesdienst (TM) and Gottesdienst
On-line (TM) will also expand production of the Lectionary Study
Binder bound by Fr. Fabrizius and add a new Lemon Sage Bisque mix to
compliment Father Hollyood's ever-popular Louisiana Spice Blend. But
we are most excited that we are adding a new award to supplement our
award in January. One sabre a year just isn't enough. The new award
will be called the Lutheran Sabre of Boldness and given to the person
who most represents the color maroon.


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