Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Surge of Gottesdienst

This year we've been experiencing a sudden and pleasant spike in the number of our print subscribers. There are at least two reasons for this.

1) we got the Motley Magpie subscriber list, sent them complimentary copies (those that weren't already Gottesdiensters), and invited them to subscribe. Many of them, seeing that the Gottesdienst borg has assimilated the Motley Magpie (that is, the Magpie itself is now a regular feature in Gottesdienst) have done so.

2) I'm at my second conference in less than a week (the first was a district conference), and personally manning our display. Right now I'm sitting at the annual Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, in Bloomington, Minnesota, catching up with old friends and acquaintances. Many of them are saying, "Oh, right, I think my subscription lapsed," and so they're resubscribing.

There is certainly a kindred spirit at work here between Gottesdiensters and the kind of people who regularly attend this conference.

The surge of Gottesdienst has begun in earnest. Join it. Subscribe here.


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