Thursday, March 3, 2011

DDSB 20% off Until the 7th; 15% Off Until the 15th

When I got my chance to go head to head against Albert Pujols I didn't fail - given, I didn't beat him with my slider, just in the Issues, Etc. sound bite of the week contest talking about the lectionary.

I was on Issues to talk about Daily Divine Service Book and have received a lot of great feedback from the show. You can pick up any of the DDSB volumes (and Dr. Eckardt's The New Testament in His Blood) for 20% off until March 7 with coupon code GIANT; and 15% off until March 15 with the coupon code IDES305.

And if you would like your copy of DDSB personalized, instructions for how to do that are here.


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