Thursday, August 25, 2016

Calendar correction

For those who use the Gottesdienst calendar,  please note a correction.

The calendar has always used the so-called Michaelmas skip, which moves to the propers for the 19th Sunday after Trinity to the Sunday after Michaelmas and omitted any intervening Sundays. However, the calendar we published for 2016 makes this skip the Sunday before Michaelmas, which is an error.

The Sunday before Michaelmas should be the 18th Sunday after Trinity, with the following readings:

OLD TESTAMENT +Deuteronomy 10:12-21
EPISTLE + I Corinthians 1:4-9
HOLY GOSPEL + St. Matthew 22:34-46 

The early date for Easter this year means there is no Michaelmas skip, although there is a skip that comes later. The nineteenth Sunday after Trinity should be October 2, the twentieth Sunday after Trinity October 9, the twenty-first Sunday after Trinity October 16, and the twenty-second Sunday after Trinity October 23. We observe Reformation Sunday on October 30th. Following this there is a skip, counting back from the end of the sanctoral calendar. That is, the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity is November 6, etc. The calendar is already correct beginning Reformation Sunday.

You may reference our web site where this calendar correction has been made.

We apologize for the error.

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