Thursday, October 1, 2015

Out of the Barn, and the Barn Needs Paint

In case you haven't noticed, the barn has been empty for over a week. Yes, Gottesdienst is out of it, and probably -- hopefully -- in a mailbox near you by now. If you're not yet at subscriber and want the latest great issue, click here.

Inserted in the current issue is our annual appeal for help. We didn't send out our regular appeal letters last summer, because things sort of got out of hand. So we're sort of late with everything. Consequently, our reservoir of funds is running really low right now. Please help! Gottesdienst supporters, one and all, you have come through for us famously in the past, and we're counting on you again. To make a donation, click here.

Or bring along a generous donation when you come to Oktoberfest in Kewanee, which is in three days! You haven't registered yet? Do it now, quick! Or just come! We never turn anyone away, of course.

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