Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mrs. Katie Schuermann Awarded the Sabre

Mrs. Katie Schuermann was awarded the Sabre of Boldness on Thursday, January 24, 2013 A+D in Ft. Wayne. 

We want to note that Mrs. Schuermann is not the “winner.” The Sabre of Boldness is not a competition, but a recognition. All of the nominees were worthy and deserved this award, Mrs. Schuermann bears it for them and also for all of the unsung heroes and confessors of the faith.

Here is the description of Mrs. Schuermann as read at the ceremony:

“Mrs. Schuermann is the author of the book He Remembers the Barren, and had spoken to groups of women burdened like her with the affliction of barrenness. In the course of these meetings she soon found herself hearing from women who had turned to in vitro fertilization as a last resort to ease their pain. In spite of the sensitive nature of the matter, she felt constrained to tell the truth in love about the unacceptability of in vitro fertilization. For us who know that life begins at conception, there is really no ethical alternative than to reject in vitro fertilization, in whose process fertilized embryos are always discarded. For her to have the courage to say so in such circumstances, and to speak up for life, for which she has endured much grief and rejection, is commendable.”

We commend to you her blog as well:

We pray that her example, and the example of all this year’s nominees, will inspire us all to speak the truth despite the cost, trusting in God’s mercy to deliver us out of this vale of tears, to the place where the Holy Innocents play with the babies taken from their mothers’ wombs, and where no mothers weep or feel false guilt, and where no babies are threatened with murder if they prove inconvenient or undesirable.


  1. Having a wife who cannot seemingly become pregnant, we have struggled with this as well. Looking into in vetro, we were assured that we could donate "extra" embryo's (not that such a thing as an extra one exists) and they wouldn't be destroyed. But, of course, there is no guarantee of such a thing after you hand over control of them.

    I remember talking to a professor of my at Luther Seminary whether seeking such a solution was faithful-that if this God's will, should we not abide by it? It is a question we have struggled with-because even though in adoption you do raise a child, there is something God creates in us that desires to have a child of "your own."

    1. but, if the sabre is given to a female... is it still a saber? ( btw, GREAT choice for the honor...)

    2. I was thinking we might rename it the Tentpeg of Jael. Has not Mrs. Schuermann stepped up and done what the men ought to be doing?


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