Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why you should patronize the pope's hospitals

Because if your Lutheran pastor gets to his final shut in call of the day and realizes he is a few pieces of altar bread short in his Mass kit, he can ask the chaplain if he has some spare Cavanagh 1 1/8" in the sacristy.

Incidentally, all of my interactions with the priests of Rome have been professional and cordial. Must be that spirit of Vatican II. . .



  1. Got a frantic call from the Episcopal altar guild chairwoman one Holy Saturday. She realized she had forgotten to order hosts and wondered if she might borrow some. "Couldnt very well call up the Baptists," she said.

  2. I could understand not asking to borrow some wine from a Baptist church, but why couldn't they "very well call up the Baptists" to borrow some communion wafers?

    1. Having known some Baptists in my day:
      1) They often only have communion once or twice a year.
      2) If they do more, they often have home baked or otherwise quite odd altar bread not up to the norms of Western Christendom.


    2. I grew up with communion once a month (Assemblies of God) and my Reformed Baptist inlaws also commune once month. Wafers and hardtack, respectively. The AG pastor was a former RC, though, and his wife was a native German, so maybe old habits die hard.

      I once saw a tupperware container in a generic "Central Christian Church" (of Campbellite origin) labeled "Communion Bread" with masking tape. Inside were oyster crackers. It sat there for months.


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