Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great week for CPH: Apocrypha and Gerhard

The FedEx man was nice to me this week: two great books arrived on my porch.

Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition With Notes. Father Weedon, the Lord High Commander of Worship in the LCMS (or whatever his official title is), has a great review of this long overdue resource for Lutherans. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Note only are complete notes included for the books that appear in the German Bible, but the introductory material from Raymond Surburg, the charts, indexes, and the additional Apocryphal books that do not appear in the German Bible make this book a complete course on the intertestamental period. This book is simply a must have for any serious student of Christianity. Period.

Gerhard's Theological Commonplaces: On the Ministry Part II. The title says it all. You really ought to be collecting all the Gerhard volumes. It will fill the substantial gaps in what passes for seminary education these days. But even if you can't afford to shell out the bucks for every volume, you ought to be cherry-picking. And the Ministry is certainly the hot topic of the day.


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