Saturday, February 18, 2012

SID Convention (so far)

Just a few notes as the SID convention enters its last day. 

1. Once again, a resolution asking the Synod to get a plan together to end "lay ministry" will be headed to HQ. This was overwhelmingly passed in 2010 as well. And it was passed then by CID and NID as well. This year we hope it will pass there as well as in other districts. And this time, one of the men who helped write this resolution in 1st VP of Synod. In 2013 we have the best chance we've had since 1989 to restore AC XIV in Missouri. Ora et labora.

2. Father Weedon has the goods on a failed resolution regarding worship.

3. A resolution on SMP asking the powers that be to disallow big parishes to use SMP as a quick route to home grown assistant pastors. 

4. A resolution asking Synod to release the 1986 Small Catechism into the public domain. 

More later, Dv.


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