Friday, February 24, 2012

Bo Giertz's Help for the Historic Lectionary

I don't know how I missed this, but I did. Amazon lists the reprint date as June, 2000. I think that must be wrong. The book itself only lists the original date of the English publication, 1967. But this is a gem and well worth $15.

Here is what Rev. Todd Peperkorn wrote almost four years ago:

"This little volume, recently republished by Lutheran Legacy Publishing, is a delightful resource for churches and pastors that use the historic lectionary. It’s 141 pages, and costs only $15.

There are two pages on each Sunday of the Church Year. In it he takes a doctrine that the Sunday proclaims, has 20-30 Scripture references in the margin, and then has 4-5 paragraphs on the doctrine based on the text for the Sunday. The Scripture references are invaluable, as they draw the reader/hearer/preacher into the whole of the Scriptures for each given Sunday.

For anyone who preaches, this volume is a wonderful addition and useful tool. For anyone who listens to preaching, this will deepen preparation for the divine service, and receiving what our Lord would give to us in the proclamation of his word."

Available from Amazon as a paperback or as an e-pub book (should work on anything that can read .pdfs, including the i-pad).


  1. I don't mean to burst your blogging bubble for the second straight post, but the book you linked to on Amazon is not the Giertz book. But I do second the recommendation for the Giertz book.

    1. Here's a link to the digital edition -- a steal at $7:

    2. Here's a link to the paperback:

    3. I suck at technology. So annoying. Anyway, thanks. I think I've fixed the links above. It says, btw, that you can get it as an iBook also, so it should work in the ipad. I also think you can get an epub reader free for most android devices, etc. But, as evidenced already, I suck at this stuff and rely on my children to set things up for me - which, somehow, I still occasionally mess up and they have to come back and do it again.

  2. Note that the digital edition is ePub, but isn't open (DRM through Adobe). This means it won't work on the iPad/iPhone, or on the Kindle. It does work on other eReaders.

  3. This is indeed a great book. It has helped me with what I believe is a very difficult and very necessary task: overtly teaching during sermons. Giertz is masterful at teaching without being teachy.



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