Thursday, October 15, 2009

STS Invitation

Today Gottesdienst sent out about 200 sample copies to members of the Society of the Holy Trinity (STS), something we've been meaning to do, and prodded to do, for about the past year. These folks appear to have a deep interest in the Lutheran liturgy, so we figured they really ought to be Gottesdiensters like us.

So if you are a member of the STS, you can expect your free copy to arrive sometime in the next two or three weeks (Standard mail often takes that long), with an invitation to subscribe.

Anyone else interested in becoming a Gottesdienster? Don't feel left out! Request your copy here.


  1. Sending Gottesdienst to STS members does create a titular dilemma. Ordained clergy are typically referred to as "Father" by the Gottesdienst Crowd(tm). This is often abbreviated as "Fr." - especially on mailing labels and such.

    But what about the STS pastorettes? Reverend Mother? That does have a certain monastic appeal, to be sure. But if you print this in an abbreviated form "Mr." on the label, their husbands are likely to open the envelope.

    What to do?

  2. Oh dear, did I forget to affix titles to the names on the labels? Oh, silly me.

  3. This is unfortunate news indeed. I personally would not be associated with this group precisely because of what Fr. H. has brought up. Because of this inclusion of the illegitimate holders of the OHM, I doubt seriously if they truly do have the same view and understanding of the Lutheran Liturgy. I have not subscribed yet though I have greatly desired to, but, in light of this news, I will not.

  4. Dear Karl:

    Actually, there are men in the STS who oppose women's ordination, and on the whole, they are very liturgical - more so than your average Lutheran pastor in the U.S. I'm not against reaching out to them, as who knows where American Lutheranism is headed?

    I think you should give Gottesdienst a try. There is simply nothing else like it out there. Anyone can subscribe to Gottesdienst. There is no "association" or "inclusion" with the STS and the ELCA - other than our common Lutheran liturgical heritage.

    Who knows? Maybe some of those "ordained" women will repent.

  5. Fr. H.,
    Thank you for the comments which are very well appreciated. Certainly there are those who oppose WO, but my beef is the overt move to welcome members of the STS. Has, will, or would there be the same warm welcome extended to the ELCA?

    Yes, Gottesdienst has much to offer. If members of the STS, on their own, choose to subscribe, that's fine just as it is if there are individuals of the ELCA subscribing. That's the point, they are acting as individuals, not being courted *because* of their membership in a group which deny Holy Scripture.

    Who knows? It's your publication, do with it as you will. I'll keep my money for now.

  6. Dear Karl:

    Dr. Fred Baue is a member of STS. He is a faithful LCMS pastor (in fact, he was my pastor). I hope you don't claim he "denies Holy Scripture."

    The point is to bring people to the truth, to expand the blessings of the Gospel to people who need it, to reach out to the disaffected (and there are many in the ELCA - especially those in the STS) - not merely preach to the choir.

    I don't know what all this has to do with money, but by all means, please keep your money! I wouldn't want anyone thinking Gottesdienst is looking for people's money. In fact, I don't have much money, but if you change your mind about getting Gottesdienst, I'll pay for you to have it for a year (my wife wouldn't be thrilled to read this...).

    It really isn't about money at all, Karl. Peace be with you!


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