Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Restoring the Sacred

This is a remarkable true story of a church on the verge of ruin that managed to come back to life by restoring the focus of the church on the sacred, on the Mass, on the transcendent. We have much to learn by the experience of St. John Cantius,

Note: We are confessing Lutherans. We are well-aware of the theological differences between Rome and Augsburg. Snark and trolling comments will not be published.


  1. We have been there. It truly is beautiful. The service done in great reverence. THAT is something that we could learn from! The altar boys are amazing in their duties.

  2. So what would something like that look like in a confessional Lutheran setting? I would think the biggest difference would be a greater emphasis on preaching. What about layout? What about moving the baptismal font to the entrance to the sanctuary as was traditionally done?


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